Tech Tuesday: Swifto Dog Walking Service

Thursday, June 20, 2013 by

Welcome to the inaugural Tech Tuesday, a soon-to-be-established weekly feature detailing developments in the overlapping worlds of technology and pet care. This week’s story will focus on Swifto, a NYC-based dog-walking app which allows busy owners to stay involved in their dog’s exercise, even when they can’t provide that exercise themselves.


Photo courtesy of Swifto.com

In a place as fast-paced and career-oriented as New York City, it’s no wonder that pet owners often have to outsource more time-consuming pet care tasks such as dog walking. Dog walkers and organized dog walking services have been around for ages, but owners have always had to trust completely their walker–sure they say they are walking your dog, but how can you really know what kind of attention your dog is getting on his walk?

Enter Swifto, a startup in New York which hires highly qualified dog walkers and uses technology–texts, emails, and GPS tracking–to keep owners informed about the length, route, and events of the walk. At $20 for a half-hour walk, Swifto is certainly not the cheapest dog walking service on the market. However, their service is unique in its integration of technology. Owners receive a text message at the start of the walk, then can follow the walker’s route via a live GPS tracking app.

swifto gps

Photo courtesy of Swifto.com

Walkers will even notify owners of their dog’s bathroom business with an aptly-named “poop alert”! Finally, at the end of the walk, Swifto walkers will send owners a text message stating that the walk has ended and detailing the duration and distance of the walk. At the end of each walk, walkers also email the owner a picture of the dog on his walk.

swifto dog photo tweet

Photo courtesy of Swifto Twitter page.

All of this assures owners that their pets have actually been attentively exercised, and should ease the mind of any worried pet owner. What do reviewers of Swifto have to say? The Swifto page on Yelp.com shows that reviewers have given nothing but 5-star ratings–the highest rating possible on Yelp’s system!

Though NYC-specifc (for now!), Swifto provides a vital pet service for city-dwellers while smartly integrating technology and pet-walking expertise.

What do you think of Swifto? Know of any similar services being provided in other cities? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!