Last week’s Tech Tuesday focused on Pintofeed, a solution for busy pet owners who couldn’t always be around to feed their pet in person. That covers one vital aspect of pet care, but what about the more fun elements of pet ownership which you might be missing out on when you’re stuck at the office or on a business trip? This week we’ll check out a product that allows you to play with your pet even when you’re not at home.

Petcube logo

Petcube logo via petcube.net

It’s no secret that dogs and cats alike love chasing laser pointers, and that their owners love watching them do it. Petcube is essentially a high-tech laser pointer equipped with a camera, a microphone, and speakers which can be operated via an owner’s smartphone or computer.

rocky and laser

Petcube inventor’s dog Rocky with laser via petcube.net

The laser responds in real time to the owner’s command, making the Petcube almost like a video game you can play with your pet. The camera allows owners to watch as their pets play with the low-intensity laser pointer, which is reportedly safe for pets’ eyes and which sits on a moveable platform. A microphone picks up on any noises your pet may make during play, while the speakers allow owners to talk to their pets through the cube.

petcube internal view

All of this is controlled through a website via computer or an app on owners’ smartphones. This app contains a unique social network that allows owners to not only share photos and videos of their pets at play, but also to allow other users to connect to and control their Petcube. That’s right, the Petcube site lets owners control who can play with their pets, be it friends, family, or even just the general public. The social network also rewards owners with badges based on community involvement, and allows pet owners to connect to one another.

petcube ios interface

Mock-up of Petcube iOS interface via petcube.net

If the interactive elements of the Petcube weren’t enough to make it a draw, the sleek design makes this a very stylish and sophisticated high-tech pet toy. As the name indicates, the Pet cube is a low-profile cube wrapped in aluminum and glass. Petcube also plans on making customizable skins available for the Petcube for owners who want a little more flair in their pet’s toys.

petcube render

A render of what the Petcube will look like via petcube.net

So there are lots of features for humans, but how do pets like it? While the Petcube is not yet commercially available, it is sure to be a hit with any pets who enjoy laser pointer toys. Additionally, the Petcube could have benefits for pets with separation anxiety, as in the case of the inventor of the Petcube, who created the device in order to help his dog Rocky adjust to living in a new apartment. Check out that story in the video below, and be sure to sign up for the Petcube mailing list if you think you’d like to buy one when they become available for purchase later this year.

What do you think of Petcube? Would you purchase this toy or something similar? Let us know in the comments below!

chase the bat dog

Chase, the bat dog for the Trenton Thunder via milb.com

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