bo and sunny obama

New Obama family dog Sunny (right) enjoying the South Lawn of the White House with Bo. Photo via whitehouse.gov

Here’s 6 pet news stories from the past week:

The Obama family has welcomed a new dog to the White House—meet Sunny!

The White House has declared that it does not support breed-specific legislation.

Jaunted posted a guide to flying with your cat in-cabin.

A modern-day ark: a man in England has begun an effort to conserve rare breeds of livestock.

For when your pet can’t travel with you, Dogster posted tips for finding a pet-sitter online.

Today is National Dog Day! Do you have any coworkers with these dog characteristics in your office?

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black cat red tile

“It’s about time I got some appreciation.”

Here’s 6 pet news stories from the past week:

Iams and Eukanuba have issued voluntary dry pet food recalls.

A zoo in China tried to pass off a Tibetan Mastiff dog as an African lion.

Saturday was National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland gathered over 200 Goldies at their annual festival.

In a recent study, 40% of respondents stated that, in a life-threatening scenario, they would save their dog before they would save a foreign tourist.

Scientists have created transgenic glowing rabbits.

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